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Playing at Mountain House
Playing at Mountain House

My name is Spencer Clark. I started taking guitar lessons in 1972 at Guitar Showcase in San Jose. I took lessons at a steady pace and got familiar with jazz, rock and blues styles. I was in my first band at 16.  I have an AA degree in Music.

My instruction is tailored to suit your needs, from teaching you your favorite songs to explaining how to solo, we can make your journey through music your own unique experience.

My styles include Rock, Metal, Blues, Country, Classical and Jazz.  I am currently playing with a Country/Country Rock/Classic Rock band called the Turbo Fuegos and we are expanding outside the Livermore club circuit to San Mateo, San Jose, Fremont, and Gilroy.

I have developed my own system for learning music. Here is some of what I offer:

  • Songs (I will learn and transcribe your chosen song for you)
  • Scales (Major/minor, Major Pentatonic/Minor Pentatonic, Blues scales, Diminished, whole tone)
  • Chord Construction (just what goes into a G Major chord?) and to be able to find chords all over the neck
  • Music reading
  • Chord Progressions and Song analysis
  • Arpeggios
  • Picking – alternate, country plucking, and finger picking
  • Heavy Metal techniques including legato and two handed tapping)
  • Vibrato bar techniques (also known as Tremolo or whammy bar)
  • 6 and 7 String guitar playing (7th String being a low B)
  • Alternate tunings
  • Finger Vibrato
    …and more!

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  1. I was looking for an old friend and wondering if you might be him. Any chance you were friends with a guy named Tom Sorenson?? If this is not the same Spencer, Sorry to have bothered you.

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In home guitar lessons in the Tri-Valley area of California. This includes Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, and Livermore. Other arrangements negotiable.