ZOOM Lessons available

Zoom, ready to go

Well, there has been SO MUCH written about 2020, the lockdown, the economy, our rights, their rights and what’s right this little blog can’t hope to add much to all that. So I have added a new service that I had been planning to unveil when https://tenhourguitarist.com was launched. The lockdown had pushed my online teaching offerings ahead of schedule and so far, it’s not too bad.

Most of my students aren’t really “techy” and they are using it off the browser. I suggest getting the free app. Unless you go over 40 min or have more than 2 people you don’t have to pay.

The other part that is hard is you cannot really “Jam” with two players – the volumes of the two instruments fight each other. I have gone into advanced settings and disabled “Suppress constant background noise” and “Suppress intermittent background noise” as your guitar can be deemed as such by the software.

All that said I have given (and taken) guitar lessons over Zoom and it works. If written assignments need to be provided, I write it, scan it, and attach as a pdf to the student’s email.

It’s a Brave New World, everybody. Hang in there .


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