My name is Spencer and I’ve been playing guitar for over 30 years, and almost half that time was spent teaching it, as well as playing in clubs, weddings, and parties.

I received an AA degree in Music and have taken years of private lessons myself. I present to my students the theory, chords and scales as well as playing the songs they enjoy. My ultimate goal, however, is to enable others to be able to express themselves with guitar by improvising and writing music.

I’m currently putting together a website and plan to teach again in San Francisco East Bay area. I’ll put the link up when it goes live.

I’m also putting a band together and we have over an hour’s worth of music together so far. Band dynamics will probably be in this blog too, as there are good times and bad times with bands. But more on this later.

If you have a question or an idea for some new topic, please email me at fastfingers76@gmail.com or leave a comment here.

Happy Picking!


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