Sound Advice (Pt III – The Talk)

So the audition went very well and we’re talking about basic things – how often we gig, etc.  Since everybody showed up at different times during the evening, I didn’t have a real good feel for their personalities as we were already running through songs.

I didn’t like everything I heard.  Someone said “We don’t gig on Friday nights”.  I looked at him, and was like “what?”.  Someone else said “Yes, but if we got a gig on a Friday you’d play it, wouldn’t you?”.  The answer is yes.  My first gig with them was on a Friday night.

Also, some people didn’t want to gig that often.  Hey, don’t get me wrong, the gear is just as heavy as it was the last time, and I have a full time day job, but I’d like to shoot for 2 gigs a month.  Last year they had 11 gigs.  So in my mind, we’re halfway there.

Like many other things, gigs are pretty seasonal.  You can do club work year around, but they are also at the bottom of  the rung as far as jobs go.  Weddings are late Spring, Summer and early Fall.  Then there are holiday parties for companies.  Quieter periods are Jan/Feb, Oct/Nov.  So my philosophy is take them when we can get them.

When the band asked me what I thought I raised the following points:

1) When I saw them play, almost all the guys wore jeans.  Not good.

2) The web site needs work.  Grainy photos, and no real pizazz to it.

3) They didn’t have a portfolio.  We should have a promo package on nice paper that has contact info, song list, CD or DVD and website info.

I would find out later that if I asked the other 5 members what they thought about something, for example, should we do a group picture vs single photo and photoshop collage them together, I would get 5 different responses.  We’re not on the same page for a lot items.  Some want to gig as much as I do, some about 75% of what I want, others 50%.  Some don’t want to do anything during the week (Thursdays can be advantageous – some club owners want to see what  you can do before they put you on a Friday or Saturday).Others agreed about what I said about dressing a little nicer, others ignored me.

Welcome to band life.

All those issues would have to wait.  I got a call about 2 weeks later saying I got the gig.  I was to start rehearsing with just the keyboard player at first.  He had the mp3’s and the charts.  December was going to be a big brain dump on me to get the 46 songs down for my February 3rd gig.

I was up for it.

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