Happy Thanksgiving!!

To the Faithful Shredders,

It has been crazy busy in Fast Fingers land, but it is time to pause and give thanks to the wonderful things that have happened to me this year:

1) My girlfriend and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary this year. ¬†That’s no easy feat when you’re dating me ūüôā

2) I repaired an important family tie.

3) I quit my dead end day job and began working for a small but profitable startup.  Not a lot of sleep but getting a fast education in Jquery, Jquery Mobile and Project Management.

4) My band РThe Turbo Fuegos Рhas gained momentum throughout the year.  Ok, well we lost 1 bassist and two guitarist but the current line up feels committed and we are only geting more busy for 2014.

5) My teaching schedule is bursting at the seams.  I cannot take any more students at this time.

All five of the above for me have been important priorities in my life.  All of the above came with challenges Рnothing is really free in this world.  You have to work at it.

I’ve been going back to the gym a lot more recently and hope to get an early jump on that New Years Resolution that always seems to come up. ¬†While I’m doing resistance training, I pretty much focus on what I’m doing, but when I get on the elliptical, I have more time to people watch.

I’m going to dump these people into two very broad categories: The Workers and The Loungers. ¬†When you go to the gym, any gym, you’ll see guys and girls, completely focused. ¬†I don’t go to any classes so I normally see them in the free weight section. ¬†They watch themselves carefully in the mirror as they do their reps. ¬†The guys will sometimes grimace as they get to the last 2 reps – sweat breaks out and a look of determination appears on their face as they squeeeeze out that last rep, and with a tired sigh of relief, they put the weight down.

That’s the Worker. ¬†He or she is in there to make the session count. ¬†They went to the trouble of packing clothes, getting water, grabbing a towel, and driving down there and so, doggone-it, they are going to get something out of it. ¬†The same can be true of the person running hard on the treadmill or bike or elliptical. ¬†Or trembling to hold that yoga position.

Then you got the Lounger. ¬†You don’t see them in the free weight section. ¬†I’m doing machines right now since I’m coming back from a long layoff and some old injuries require that I ease into it. ¬†But other people will saunter through their workout, and many of them are on their cell phone. ¬†What? ¬†This is a time for focus. ¬†I once was on the elliptical machine and the woman next to me was talking so loud on her phone (and I was listening to my iPhone music!) that I had to move away from her.

And we all know the guy who won’t get out of the abdominal machine. ¬†You’ve just burned through 3 sets of two different exercises and this joker is still sitting there. ¬†He should be paying rent to stay in that machine.

The same goes for guitar practicing. ¬†Be a Worker, not a Lounger. ¬†If your cell phone keeps buzzing (and who’s doesn’t?) turn it off for 30 min and get your uninterrupted practice time in. ¬†If people support you, they will understand. ¬†If my girlfriend texts me when I’m at the gym, I text back “at gym ttyl” and she gets it – “ok have a good workout”. ¬†That’s support.

So enjoy today, eat, drink and be merry, enjoy your families, be grateful for the good things in ¬†your life, and tomorrow get back on it. ¬†And one day someone will look at you playing your instrument and comment “Wow, you make it look easy”. ¬†Which should make you smile.

Shred on.



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