A Real Treat

Tonight I went down to a local music store for my son’s drum lessons. My youngest son wanted to come along because he had heard there would be a “concert” there. I was skeptical, since I’ve never heard of anyone actually performing there, but nonetheless I said he could come with us.

When I walked into the store, I was met with a wall of sound, dive bombing lows, and screeching high harmonics. This guy knew his stuff and I was pretty intrigued. He was also a very nice, warm human being who had a great sense of humor and was highly intelligent.

Meet Doug Doppler, a local shredder who’s doing pretty well. He took lessons from Joe Satrianni and his latest CD is on Steve Vai’s label. These guys are heavy weights in the world of modern guitar.

Doug was plugging his latest Ibanez guitar – the S5470, which on MusiciansFriend.com sports a $1300 price tag. I have an Ibanez guitar, something I picked up in the 1980’s, which I like a lot, but I’m sure it’s nowhere in that class of guitars.

Doug also shared with us a bit of what his life is like, both on the road and in the studio. He was incredible gracious with all of our questions. His wife was there as well, manning the “merchandise” booth with his new CD “Nu Instrumental”.

I recommend checking it out. Doug is a real artist with incredible technique and a great sound.

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