Happy 2014

Hey Fellow Shredders….

2014 is off to a fast start around here. ¬†I’m in the process of finding a new place to live (always fun!) as my landlord wants to sell his house that I’m renting (but still wants guitar lessons from me ūüôā ¬†It’s all good).

The Turbo Fuegos just added a 2nd guitar player. ¬†This is the third guy in 11 months. ¬†The first guy lasted 2 weeks. ¬†The second lasted 5 weeks. ¬†Let’s hope Steve sticks around a while. ¬†He has a different style than me which is great – I don’t need another “me” up on stage but someone with a contrasting style.

We are playing the Sports Page in Mountain View right by the Shoreline Ampitheater on January 18th.  Admission free Рcome check us out.

It’s been a while since I’ve given a real “lesson” blog – quite a while in fact. ¬†My next blog will be on the difference between Blues and Country soloing. ¬†It will be useful info.

So I’m not even halfway through January yet and I have to box, move, work in a new guitarist, and my day job has me handling two big clients. ¬†I worked back-to-back 15 hour days last week. ¬†Looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday!

See you next time….