News for November, 2012

Hey all –

Well, I moved!!  I finally found a nice home and stocked it full of guitars, amps, basses, drums and a PA.  Had a nice party weekend before Halloween where we jammed late into the evening and no cops were called (thankfully).

We’re also working on marketing our band Sound Advice – we have a demo, photos, and a promo kit. Our video is up on Youtube – I need to find the URL.

I’ve upgraded my gear again – I have a Dean RC7X 7 stringer so I’ve been working on my metal chops.  If any of you guys are looking to learn 7 string, I’m your teacher.

I finally got my dream amp – it’s a Line 6 DT50 half stack.  The head was designed by Reinhold Bogner. I love the sound of his amps and he designed this one with 4 different “topographies” – just think of it as an amp with 4 different personalities.  It will choose the circuitry on the head based on the selection with the Line 6 Pod HD.  I have a lot more exploring to do.

Well I hope everyone had a great Halloween.  My posts this year have been a lot about my band and gear – my next post will be on learning 7 string guitar.

Peace out