What’s going on?

Hey –

My last blog series chronicled my joining my band, Sound Advice, and playing my first gig.  So much has happened that this is sort of a “catch-up” blog.

As of 9/8/2012:

1) The band – well, we’re looking for work.  Bases Loaded, the club we played up in Antioch when through an ownership change, and the new owner is on the fence about having any live music at all and just make it a restaurant.  So for now, we’re looking for booking agents.  More on that in another blog.

2) Gear – I hinted that I got the Line 6 Flextone III.  Then I got Line 6 wireless for guitar.  Then I got Line 6 POD HD500 effects board.  I am not backed by Line 6 but I should be.  I also recently picked up (used) a Line 6 DT50 25/50w head and 4×12 cabinet.  I have to blog more on this later. So my amp setup is small (Spider II), medium (Flextone III) and large (DT50).

3) Lessons – I’m expanding my lessons to include 7 string guitars as well.  I need to blog about this too.  7 strings can be tuned many ways, but mine is the standard:


So just an extra B string on bottom.  I love the guitar.  It is a Dean RC7X import. All my students are still 6 strings, so I’d love to sign a 7 stringer.  Wednesday evenings still has openings.

4) I’m moving!!  Yes, I’m getting out of my apartment and into a house (thus the half stack DT50).

More to come.  Leave a comment or an email with any request about things you want me to talk more about…