We Have Moved

Hey folks –

it’s been some time since my last blog. I’ve undergone shoulder surgery (not the rotator cuff or I probably wouldn’t be typing this right now) and have been healing, resting, and physical therapy. This should address some pain I’d been having playing acoustic guitar and any activity where I had to lift my arms above my head.
So I have gone nearly all of July without working. That is strange for me – I’ve never taken more than a week off for vacation and I took 3 weeks off in between jobs, but never this long.
One of things that has been on my TODO list for a while is to redesign my website. My old website was very basic. It had my bio, it had some pics of me, it had guitar lesson rates, and other details, a place where I could imbed youtube videos of me playing and giving lessons, and a blog page- but it wasn’t really a blog page. It was a cut and past of what I wrote here on blogger.com and then a link back here.
Well anybody who knows web sites knows that people hate to leave the original site they were on. I wanted a website where I could drop in nifty gadgets like a calendar without too much difficulty and note where I’m playing next. Play videos and blog.
Well, with my time off, I began to read a lot about wordpress. It can do everything I mention above – and it’s all about the blog. I think having the blog be the first thing people see is a good idea. The blog is where content is going to change the most, and you get to see it first.
So I installed wordpress on my site, upgraded to the latest software, got the database set up, and migrated all the blog entries here (comment included) over to my website.
One of the things I’m excited about is I can categorize my blog entries. If you’re just interested in lessons, that’s a category. If you’re just interested in my band experience, that’s another category. This is way cool since I like to write about a wide variety of things.
The site still has a long way to go – I need to change the basic template and add all the content that was in my old website, but I figure I’m about half way there.
I hope you come and check it out. I will be able to see comments more easily there too – I noticed when I migrated the entries over last night there were some comments I never saw. That’s too bad. I would like to encourage more dialog in the future.
So check it out, see what you think, give me feedback.